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The Kingdom of God International Vision is a year-round movement to unite the Body of Christ globally and support leaders in fulfilling their Kingdom assignment.  The commonality that is required for this vision to be successful is not based on denomination, personal interpretation or religious stance, but through the unity of the faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Our Vision of a unified Body of Christ includes all cultural groups, church denominations, ministry gifts and business owners.

We aim to share, sharpen, empower and support one another in our varied regions around the world, establishing Kingdom partnership.

What is our message regarding the Kingdom of God? 

It is the central theme of Jesus’ teaching and the foundational message of the Church founded by Him through His disciples. It’s about a sovereign king, a kingdom and His royal offspring.  A movement with a message of life, love, hope, faith and truth concerning the concepts of the Kingdom of God so that we can better appreciate the Good News brought to earth by our Lord and Creator. 

Encouraging leaders, businesses and everyday people alike, seeing that God is the ultimate source of authority and has a plan for His people to walk in divine purpose, true identity (as kings and priests), and the supernatural power God has established for us to walk in and to reflect Christ to a lost and dying world. 

Our Ultimate Goal and Impact will be to build a collective recession-proof economy, Kingdom Commerce infrastructure, based on financial trade, and bartering with other Christians. The establishment of this system will facilitate self-reliance within the Kingdom of God to be able to fuel and support each other while taking the Gospel to the nations.


It’s not just about one church, one man, one mission; it’s about a collaboration of Kingdom relationships that covenant together with God and with each other to advance the Kingdom of God internationally. Whether you are looking to grow, expand, sharpen, plant, partner and/or equip your Kingdom Team, the Kingdom of God International is for you.

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