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This movement is ideal for leaders who do not want to do ministry alone; who want to maintain cultural relevance; those looking to improve and learn creative ways to reach their community, to build leaders, plant churches, expand their business, network with other international leaders, and build kingdom-minded teams for the advancement of their assignment within the Kingdom of God!

God’s heart is for His church to reach the local community and nation at large.
  • We aim to collaborate with others of like precious faith to share, sharpen, empower and support one another.

  • You become a part of sharing the love and faith of Christ around the world!

  • You become a part of a community of leaders who share their knowledge, wisdom and expertise.

  • 100% of your giving goes to advancing the Kingdom of God International operation, mission and leadership support.

  • You become a part of crossing cultural and denominational lines to glorify God.

  • You help strengthen churches and businesses globally.

  • You join in celebrating the humanitarian purpose of changing lives, winning souls and water baptisms within the Kingdom of God International church partnerships.

Everyone desires love and support.
  • No leader should be unsupported in their dreams and endeavors.

  • You will connect with others creating an environment of growth, opportunities and connections with other pastors and business leaders who are on the same path as you.

  • You will become part of a family that genuinely loves, cares and supports you.

  • You will find connections that will produce partnerships that give you strength and Godly wisdom as you enjoy advancing the Kingdom life together. 

You will gain access to life changing tools and resources!
  • Our executive team, advisors and ministry gifts purpose to create and collect great ministry resources that can help you and your organization reach your peak potential.

  • Members will receive a special access code in order to access the back office support.

  • Churches and businesses will be included in periodic commercials and spotlights throughout conferences, social media and media platforms.

  • All senior leaders, spouses and teams will receive a special discount off early Conference registration annually.

In addition to the benefits listed above, the Kingdom of God Int’l (KOGI) will recognize our Partner Churches and Businesses that have committed to an ongoing seeding into Kingdom of God International by placing their respective organization on our Network Page.


KOGI's Kingdom Wealth Builders (KWB) Partnering churches and businesses are encouraged to give as a Silver Advocate on an ongoing basis. We ask church partners to include KOGI in their mission’s budget and take intentional steps toward a long-term relationship with our organizational movement as we purpose to support other leaders in a real tangible way through the tools, network, resources, counsel and financial seeding into missions and media platforms. 

TV & Online partners can be a part of our movement by becoming a Bronze Advocate to support our work and our Kingdom mission.

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