Meeting the Needs of Others

We at Fresh Seed have been in Tijuana, MX for approximately 15 months now reaching out to the people, serving them, bringing them closer to God. And there are several things we have learned to keep in mind. One, being the location of where we are and the economic status the people find themselves in. Poverty changes a person’s way of conducting themselves. And even though we have so many people full of love and compassion for the Lord, we have learned it is a struggle to teach them to lean on God entirely. We have encountered people so willing to be in love with the Lord yet their instinct for survival will overcome them when there is no need.

You need to help find solutions for their current situation so they can focus on God. It’s hard to focus when you haven’t eaten for two days or you’re afraid you will not have somewhere to sleep. This helps them learn to lean on God. You help resolve their problem and then remind them God has not forgotten them because he has sent you to help teach them.

But you need to keep in mind that each individual you come close to is someone who is in need of your help regardless of what position they are taking. They may be in charge of a certain area but they were also a victim at one time. So you need to help heal the wounded so they can help heal others.

In the location where we are, there are many who go there and offer assistance; however, there are many more that offer assistance with a price. So first you need to overcome the preconceived notions the people have of you and your ministry. You learn that so many people go to help but also go to abuse. You have to learn to tear down walls that others have created because not only do you need to help heal there wounds you also have to gain their trust.

And yes, God is the one who heals the wounds but you are the one that needs to teach them to lean on God and trust him because some of the people you are teaching are children who can’t even trust their own parents because they are the abusers or are the ones permitting the abuse to occur.

We have to keep in mind that even though we go to spread the word of God you must look at the environment and what walls have been established. Prayer is a must, God must guide you, and above all you must put your own agenda aside because if you don’t it will never work. God bless

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