Kingdom Citizenship Certification

Are You a Citizen of the Kingdom of God?

We have a wonderful set of teachings on the Kingdom of God, phase one consists of 6 classes. It introduces your membership to King Jesus and His Kingdom and the transformation process of coming out of the worldly kingdom systems into a kingdom minded system in searing their consciousness to the mind of Christ. It gives the ability to override the cares of the world by tapping into the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit showing them who they are and what they have been called to do.

It consists of the following teachings:

1. Kingdom Citizens

2. What is a Kingdom?

3. Religion verses Kingdom Principles

4. Kingdom Principles

5. Kingdom Provision for God's Vision

6. Conduct and Commitment for Kingdom Men and Women

I'm sure you'll be blessed as you get into this study on the Kingdom of God. Jesus said that He came to preach the Kingdom of God. Upon completion of the classes each student receives a Kingdom of God Citizenship Certificate with their date of salvation on it in addition to a silver lapel pin ranking their completion as citizens.

You receive the teachings for free once you buy the certificates from us. The certificates cost $100 for a pack of 50, and comes with a Word template to fill in your own names, etc.

Purchase a Citizenship Certificate Now

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