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Join us in our efforts for the
A Kingdom Movement

God Intended The Family To Rule and Reign Together
If You Want to Breakdown A Society, Break Down The Family!
A Movement for People To Find Out How To Break Spiritual Strongholds,
Behaviors and Generational Curses
Off Their Life.
Removing all Mediums & Mind Control

God has always intended from the beginning of time for the family unit to be a reflection of Him. We believe that every Christian Leader should be moved by the overwhelming statistics regarding today's family and this next generation who is faced with this luciferian system and the warfare that comes with it. The definition of the Christian Family is a divine institution created and ordained by God whereby two rational human beings of the opposite sex choose to enter into a covenant relationship with each other. They choose to have an unconditional lifetime commitment to God to live with another imperfect person. The overall family is to be a nurturing community of intimate relationships bound by common elements in purpose which provides love, nurturing, wisdom, direction, protection, correction, instructions in righteousness and celebratory support and fulfillment.

Partner Today!   By coming together as one with other leaders of like precious faith who have the heart of God and desire to see the enemy eradicated from the households and lives of families throughout the local community. Together spiritual strongholds and generational curses will be broken.

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