KOGI Is Building the Next Mega E-commerce Web Platform


The Kingdom of God International is pleased to present its first Think Tank panel discussion to address modern day technology and E-commerce engines that create a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry. Along with what it will take to develop a web-based retail platform that will build an infrastructure similar to Amazon to generate wealth within the Body of Christ!


This think tank will play a critical role in analyzing, developing, and promoting policy solutions, and economic opportunities particularly in this time of extreme disruption and change in the world at large.


Imagine a system that is independent of this world's system.


We will also present a new method for an old practice, with e-commerce, called bartering and more. Were you aware that restaurant owners, dentists, doctors, lawyers, graphic designers, realtors and everyday people are all doing it?


Bartering is seeing a resurgence as people look for new ways to make money and stay afloat in unpredictable financial times. People are changing the way business is done.


Together we are joining together with church leaders and Christian business owners to build a powerful infrastructure that will create generational wealth and streams of income through E-commerce Website. 


What is our objective? We are building a Christian owned retail and trade industry of the future — a future that remains bright. Whether e-commerce or bricks-and-mortar, it's all retail: E-commerce and in-store are often cast as opposites but they both complement each other. 


Together we aim to work together to build a network of a total of 1,000 churches, retail and service based businesses owners, inventors and manufactures to create our start up base.


Here are a few things that every Christian church leader and business owner will need to comprehend about partnering with us to mobilize and build a mega network. 


Building communication capacities – communication capacities include the information infrastructure, responsible media, and communication skills and media narratives.


Building social capacities – social capacities are investments in social networks of ties and support. Social capacities include the care and nurture community members receive not only from their family and friends but also from broader community and its formal organizations.


This support is captured through social embeddedness (i.e. informal social ties), church and organizational ties and cooperation and member's participation and leadership (i.e. formal social ties in grass roots organization.


Building cultural capacities – include a sense of community, values, practices and narratives. This network  is defined as a geographical region – that share a sense of community in terms of feelings of belonging, shared beliefs that people and community matter, fulfillment of needs and emotional connections based on a shared set of experiences.


Building community competencies – is the extent to which the community can solve it's problems, including working together to identify collective needs, consumer’s needs, building consensus and taking action.


Identifying and building skills – every kingdom partner will be required to list their tradable skills, talents and type of seed to be sown into this endeavor over the next six months.


Services and skill sets to be rendered (volunteered) will enhance our ability to build an engine that will provide products and services on multiple levels from businesses, authors, grocers, nutrition and education, arts and crafts, technology, computing, financial, developers, marketing and legal services.


Community efficacy and action – is working together, taping into relevant expertise within the team and work together to get the job done the next 5 to 6 months. 


Call for more infomation: 1 – 800- 282-6056