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The main focus of unity in the Body of Christ is so Believers can be equipped spiritually and with the necessary tools to make an impact in this Kingdom and to be prepared to face any challenges coming from the world system, global and economic crisis, disasters and end-time awareness that are coming upon our planet. 

It is more evident than ever that we are confronted with global warming, climate change, various emergency disasters, food supply issues and staggering economic burdens. Therefore, it is critical that the “Body of Christ” becomes unified as one powerful shield. 

Our aim is to create an infrastructure to support businesses that provide goods and services to the Body of Christ by creating a platform where they can sell their goods and services becoming independent of this world's system as they assist in building the house of the Lord.

There is a False System in place and a New World Order on the rise to overthrow the Kingdom of God and to usher in the mark of the beast and the Anti-Christ. Our goal is to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry, working with the Gifts and calling of the five fold ministry gifts by the Edifying of the Body of Christ in these Last-days.

Have you ever asked the question “how do you grow a healthy church or Business?” We are here to assist you in any way possible to see your ministry or business to win big for God! When was the last time you and your team assessed where you are, discussed where you want to go, and discovered how to get there?


Send us an email with your prayer request and we will add you to our prayer list. 

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